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The Limber Real


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In 2013 Troels Abrahamsen sat down in front the piano at home. The singer and composer had for years written and produced his songs on the computer. He realised a change in his songwriting method was needed.

“Since my childhood the piano has had a central role in my life. Therefore it was a success to be back at the piano and have direct contact with an instrument again. For me it became an opportunity to create something new and start over again” , says Abrahamsen.

EXEC grasps existential loneliness in a world of individuals. We are as human beings set in a social world, but will always be faced with the distance between humans never being able to fully explain ourselves to other people. We are together, but always separate.
As lead single, “The Explanatory Gap” deals with this universal theme: We live our lives just like runners on the track. Running forward, but in separate lanes with a white chalk line between us. As Troels sings: “And we can touch, but never blend” .
“Life is a Liquid” circles around the experience of operating in the physical world while searching within – to embrace the future while getting closer to your personal truth about who you are.
How technology affects human interaction is also a recurring subtheme on The Limber Real . Are humans able to control technology? What happens if it all breaks down? Are we individually and collectively vanishing into technological oblivion?

Though without religious overtones, the music is inspired by the Nordic psalm tradition with its particular harmonies and structures. Troels’ vocal work is exemplary and reaches new emotional highs with great range in dynamics and timbre.

EXEC is analogue music. The album has been recorded with the producer Mikkel Bolding. Together they have spent hours, days and weeks looking for the perfect place to record every song to capture the right sonic moments and from there to capture the perfect takes. A constant search for the right acoustic moments and situations.
Troels reflects on the close relationship developed between himself & Mikkel through the making of the album: “It was what every artist dreams of - finding a producer you immediately connect with” .
Each track has its own signature sound coming from various recording locations and approaches – for example the prepared piano plays a big role on The Limber Real as Troels and Mikkel from track to track have altered the sound of the piano by placing objects on the strings.
The result is a captivating, intense and diverse album, a pleasure for audiophiles and alternative music fans alike.


released February 22, 2016

Produced by Troels Abrahamsen og Mikkel Bolding
Mixed by Mikkel Bolding
Mastered by Emil Thomsen at ET Mastering
All vocals and instruments performed by Troels Abrahamsen



all rights reserved


EXEC Copenhagen, Denmark

EXEC is the moniker of Danish producer and singer-songwriter Troels Abrahamsen. EXEC features Troels' music stripped down to piano, vocals and raw human emotion.

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Track Name: Controlled Environments
There is no smell as foul
As of stale air

It will sit in your clothes
And in your hair
Like an infinite resource

Of infinite disheartening knee-falls
There is no sound as harsh

As of static

That can gnaw through your bones
Through your fabric
Like an infinite resource

For infinite disheartening knee-falls
There is no sight like that
Of an airplane

Taking off from the ground
It was built on
Like an infinite number

Of infinite possible outcomes
Waiting to unfold

There, before your eyes
Track Name: Blink
Everything will be gone
We don't even wake
Everything comes undone
While the ground shakes
I just like the thought of
The end of the world
Seeing what we've built up
Return to dirt
There's not one atom more
Than there was here before
We think we're creators
While we redecorate
Track Name: The Explanatory Gap
Where do these white chalk lines come from
That separate us as we run

Around this track

Too short and narrow
We've never melted into one
I doubt it ever has been done
We only rake

We never harrow
We keep our lanes around the track
We look to our sides and back
We run together
Dearest friends
And one can hope
Right till the end
And we can touch
But never blend
Track Name: Hymn
I don't want to share your world

I don't need a thing from it

It's hollow and it works so strange
And I don't think I get it
Your world is engulfed in pain
Your world is so young and vain
It's hollow and there's no love in it
And I don't think I get it
And then I see the sun set
Then I see my place in it

And your world is bright and lit
And then I think I get it
Track Name: Life is a Liquid
Our lives are like a liquid

Flowing through two separate grooves
One heading for the future

The other for the truth
Both end up in the ocean
One trickles through so steady
The other is spilling over

One stream will make you ready
The other into a rover
Both end up in the ocean
One wakes you in the morning
The other in the night
Track Name: Full of Knots
A soul full of knots is better
Than no soul at all

A body that rots beats having
No body at all
But my head

Oh this head

Can I have someone else's instead
To simply exist is better

Than not being here

To have all these things

All these sights, all these sounds
All those years
But this head

Oh this head

I would rather have air there instead
A soul full of knots is better
Than no soul at all

A body that rots beats having
No body at all
But this head

Fuck this head!

I would rather have no head instead
Track Name: Peers
I don't care for the afterlife

My present is my biggest strife

My peers and all their whimsical ideas
One week it's this, the next it's that

I don't know where to hang my hat

My peers all know exactly where to steer
I am a pale caucasian male

I have no fight, no real travail

I fear my only mirror is my peers
Track Name: Bodies
Bodies on posters in too little clothes
Bodies that fight and bodies gone cold
Bridges for bodies and bodies by sea
Bodies that move in tunnels beneath
Bodies that work and bodies that ache
Young bodies build while older ones break
Bodies in piles and bodies in graves
Bodies that fell for somebody's rage
Body of mine

You carry me well
Body of mine

My shelter

My shell
Track Name: Near Singular Experience
Good friends!

The singularity is near
Think hard about the things
That you hold dear
Good friends!

I doubt that we will persevere
When bigger minds start

To get aware
Green leaves!

I hope they'll take good care of you
I hope they'll learn to love you

Like I do
Blue seas!

I sure will miss your smell
I hope they stand in awe
Over your wealth
Great skies!

I love the colours that make
I hope they treasure you
For heaven’s sake

I held my breath for each of you
I hope they have a breath

To hold too
Good friends!

The singularity is near
Think hard about the things
That you hold dear
Track Name: Going Under
Just like so many before me

I know that there's an end for me
And I am no master

I am no king
All of their voices are telling me

How I should live and how I should be
But I am no master

I am no king
But I know where I am going
I am going under
No one is out to correct me now

I have escaped their grip somehow
I am no master

I am no king
I am the wind
I am the rain

I am no one and have no name
I am no master

I am no king
But I know where I am going
I am going under
Track Name: The Limber Real
Let me snap my fingers
And see where it might lead
The real can be so limber
And flex to fit your needs
Let me close my eyes

And stick a finger in both ears
When I am deaf and blind

Am I still really here?
And even though I see

That there is something there
I just can’t believe

That there is nothing there
I would never dare to
Completely shut my eyes
How can I be sure that

It won't lead to your demise?
And even though I see

That there is something there
I just can’t believe

That there is nothing there
Track Name: Stripped
Strip me of my clothes
And burn all of my things
Let me be the blade

That severs all the strings
Strip me of my systems

Of all of my beliefs

Let me be the salmon

That gives up to the stream
Strip me till I'm gone
And hold me till I'm still
Let me be the mud

That slides down the hill
My skin dissolves

My muscles tear off

My eyes leave their sockets
And open

The world

To me